Activity from each radiant is best seen when it is positioned highest in the sky, either due north or south along the meridian, depending on your latitude. Official acknowledgement receipts will only be sent to those donors leaving a mailing address.

During this period, the moon reaches its last quarter phase on Tuesday August 11th. Maximum activity occurs on September 24th. Like a huge shooting star? Observers viewing from urban areas will see less activity as only the brighter meteors will be visible from such locations. This weekend the waxing gibbous moon will set during the early morning hours, allowing a short opportunity to view meteor activity prior to dawn. The Aurigids peak on 31 st August just before the Full Moon, and so will be best viewed before dawn when the radiant will be high in the East. * This helps prove that this source is real, and I believe it is within reach of visual observers in the northern hemisphere. During this period, the moon reaches its first quarter phase on Monday July 27th. active from September 10th to November 20th, The Southern Taurids are a long-lasting shower that reaches a barely AMS is a non-profit scientific organization, thanks to support by members and individuals with interest in meteoric astronomy. In a normal year the Orionids produce 10-20 shower members at maximum. Note that the hourly rates listed below are estimates as viewed from dark sky sites away from urban light sources. The AMS received more than 700 reports so far about a fireball event that occurred over Ohio on September 30th, 2020 around 10:24 Universal Time (06:24 EDT). You saw something bright and fast? Peak Night: Oct 9-10, 2020 The moon will be 50% full.

The moon will be located near the sun during this entire period; therefore, meteor observations can be held at any time of the night without lunar interference. In exceptional years, such as 2006-2009,…, active from October 20th to December 10th, This shower is much like the Southern Taurids, just active a bit later in the year. Current rates are expected to be less than 1 per hour during this period no matter your location. Please help us! See a fall foliage map for 2020 that will let you know where and when to see peak autumn colors. At this time, the moon is located 90 degrees west of the sun and rises near 0100 local daylight saving time (LDST).

noticeable maximum on October 9 or 10. than two months but rarely produces more than five shower members…, The Orionids are a medium strength shower that sometimes reaches high strength activity. This source was co-discovered by Japanese observers using SonotoCo and Juergen Rendtel and Sirko Molau of the IMO. It must be remembered that meteor activity is rarely seen at the radiant position.

At this time, the moon is located near the sun and is invisible at night.

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