BAC teamed up with DSM to once again use additive manufacturing on the new Mono.

Staggering power of 332bhp and a 570kg kerb weight add up to a truly remarkable power-to-weight ratio of 582bhp-per-tonne – 57bhp-per-tonne higher than the original Mono’s figure.

The design team’s overall brief was to make the car visually lighter, cleaner and more simplistic – a thin surface on a phenomenal machine. Außerdem übernimmt der neue Mono die mittig angebrachten (Zusatz-)Scheinwerfer vom Mono R. Er erhielt auch neue LED-Leuchten, Außenspiegel an Doppelstreben, ein schmaleres Heck, eine neue Heck-Crashbox und mehr. Turbocharging and meeting European regulations saw the new Mono welcome a number of additions under the skin that result in a heavier power unit and ancillaries, but the inclusion of ground-breaking innovation has kept the car’s weight down to just 570kg – 10kg less than the first-generation model. All of it adds up to a driving experience totally unparalleled anywhere on four wheels – lighter weight, more power and more efficient aerodynamics provide a drive that pushes the boundaries ever closer to perfection. The use of additive manufacturing on the new Mono is more extensive than ever for BAC with over 40 components being 3D printed, including the front and rear light surrounds, mirror arms and mirror housing, front hatch hinges, the front hatch latch mechanism, engine inlet components and more. BAC prides itself on being at the very forefront of design and setting the bar for what’s visually possible in the supercar world. Yes, that means the BAC Mono is about to get even lighter and more brilliant to drive. The Horizon Edition variant has been available since the October 14, 2016 update in Forza Horizon 3. Suspension geometry has been optimised to reduce pitch under braking, with increased anti-dive at the front and anti-squat at the rear maximising traction, while two-way adjustable dampers from Swedish experts Öhlins also feature. m) of torque at 6000 rpm.[3]. Revealed earlier this year, the latest BAC Mono tips the scales at just 1,256 pounds, making it 22 pounds lighter than the previous model. The project is sponsored by the Brazilian company CBMM, the founding supplier of the extreme E off-road racing series. Making the second Mono was always going to be a challenge – much like the ever-anticipated second album of an artist – but we’re confident the stunning look, innovation and driving experience of the new BAC Mono will more than meet the demands and expectations.”. Power has increased 27bhp to 332bhp, while BAC’s engineering team has worked tirelessly to ensure the staggering torque figure of over 400Nm is delivered progressively in harmony with BAC’s driving DNA. PowerFor the very first time, BAC has opted for forced induction with the engine of the new-generation Mono – focusing on road legality around the world and keeping emissions down with a turbocharged unit.

[8], Zunächst wurde der Sportwagen von einem 213 kW (290 PS) starken, von Cosworth modifizierten 2,3-Liter-Duratec-Motor angetrieben. The likes of BAC’s graphene R&D projects from the Mono R, additive manufacturing and a ground-breaking generative-design wheel project with software partner Autodesk have helped to reduce the weight over the first-generation model.

Die Karosserie des Sportwagens ist größtenteils aus kohlenstofffaserverstärktem Kunststoff gefertigt.

[4], Während der Produktion wurde jedes Fahrzeug individuell auf die Körperform des Käufers zugeschnitten.

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