Everyone was intelligent, dedicated, and passionate. When you apply to a large company, the process is generally the same. All of the engineers I met really believed in Meraki’s mission and wanted to make a difference. You'll be in the SF Bay area. I'm considering taking a job there this Summer and was curious.

Explore and learn more about the #WeAreCisco tribe. Which team were you apart of this summer?
It was exhausting, but every single player walked away with a smile on their face :), My favorite Meraki event was probably when we made the succulent planters.

If you have, what was your experience like and what kind of questions should I expect? The coding questions were really creative and I still remember them, a year later.

Carly – The internship interview process was fairly straightforward: a phone call with the university recruiter, and then two coding interviews. I think it was significantly different than most others I have experienced before because it wasn’t as formulaic. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community. It was also really neat to see and hear about what other people on other teams were working on.

In addition (as cliche as it sounds), the entire interview process felt more like a series of conversations than interviews. And of course, who wouldn’t want to spend a summer in San Francisco? Idk, might seem risky to some recruiters. About your team? We sat down with Carly (Caltech), Sonja (Northern Illinois University), Ani (Rice), and Hemanth (BS-CMU, MS-Stanford) to hear more about their time as Meraki Interns.

– Every team at Meraki works a bit differently, and it’s hard to know what the differences are from the outside. Edit: I did search first before posting, but only found a post regarding the interview process for interns. like others said, you can still do the web dev work on personal projects, just stick it out at cisco for a year or two and youll be set. How did you hear about opportunities at Meraki?

Just curious, did you move forward with the role? – The people.

An inside look at our Software and Hardware Engineering internship program. Don’t see a role that you’re interested in?

I reached out to a university recruiter at Meraki, and after an interview, I ended up with an internship offer! Everyone I talked to and met before I started at Meraki was absolutely amazing. Everyone has so much knowledge in so many different areas, and they are always willing to take time to answer any questions you might have.

It was a lot of fun showing off everything we were working on to the rest of the company and the community. One was that I was really drawn to the industrial design of the products.

BE THANKFUL that you got an internship! I didn't mean phone screens, I meant the step before - where they even decide to call you. Starting off with first talking to a university recruiter to get to know more about the organization and culture, before moving into the technical interviews, meant that as an applicant I knew who I was talking to and what I was interviewing for. Meraki is full of passionate people, and as an intern, you should demonstrate that same level of passion for your work. It was also really neat to see and hear about what other people on other teams were working on. I'm no slouch when it comes to programming, but I've gotten rejected from a handful of places now. For the full-time people it was relatively the same, just more in depth.

Can you elaborate a bit on Cisco not having the best rep in the industry? He was also always willing to answer any questions I had, no matter how big or small, and give me pep talks when I was frustrated with my project. We approximate the top clients in a network over time by throwing out low usage clients in any given day. Real life at Cisco. We are thinking exactly what you are hoping we wont, that we'll spend a few months getting you up to speed and we wont see any return on that investment (NEXT CANDIDATE!). A recruiter will reach out and notify you if you’ve been selected for the role. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. During my first semester of graduate school, I had to start thinking about summer internship opportunities. Interested in opportunities at Meraki? Update your resume, apply to saved jobs, or view the status on your job activity. Though I have to admit, when I applied after working for ~1 year, they were usually sent by a real person rather than automated.

They were so fun I forgot I was being tested on algorithms and just focused on solving the prompts. Cisco internships are not bad in my experience (I had two internships there). – Don’t be shy when you come in to interview! Can’t stand the wait? Try to get a feel for your interviewer, smile, and show a lot of interest and you’ll do fine. User account menu • Cisco Internship. I think it's kind of likely I'll be stuck doing C++ or Java, which isn't really where I want my career to head, though I'm pretty competent in both. I was also impressed by the opportunity and autonomy I would be given as an intern working on a summer project. On that note I did make it through to video interview at FB last december, but it was probably the first interview I ever did that wasn't my current job, so I bombed really badly. It was exhausting, but every single player walked away with a smile on their face :), Sonja – My favorite Meraki event was probably when we made the succulent planters. I'm considering the warning about job hopping, but I thought it was fairly common in SV. Looking at the hardware and packaging, I could tell that there was a high level of care that went into the products.

After a couple of days spent improving some internal documentation tooling, I moved to my main project: building a brand new monitoring feature for our support staff, with a potential future rollout to customers. Real employee stories.

My other project was part of a larger effort to more accurately identify clients throughout the Meraki dashboard and across multiple devices. Cisco Interview Experience | On-Campus Virtual Hiring for Internship 2020-21 Last Updated: 17-09-2020 Cisco visited our campus recently to offer a 2-month internship …


Apply quick and easy via any device (mobile/desktop) by loading your Linkedin profile or resume.

We welcome you to visit our Glassdoor and Life at Cisco blog to hear what our employees have to say. Didn’t find the right job to apply to? What has been the best part about working with your mentor? Me and 3 others were hired at the same time - I was put on a data platform, friend on a switch, and another on a server. Are you a new grad? I interviewed for a full-time position but decided to attend graduate school instead. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. One project involved working within our aggregation framework to make an approximation query run faster. Well, not exactly a no-name company, but not as well known as Cisco for sure. However, I don't know if I can really do anything about that--if I'm not liking it at Cisco I won't let job hopping stop me. Meraki culture is really special and I could tell even before I started that it was where I wanted to be. I interviewed for their business analyst intern role and it was pretty easy. Dig into engineering, build new products and explore new ways to innovate. So far my experience is, predictably, one of a slow-moving bureaucracy. Besides, I'd much prefer doing what I like for a little less money, than doing something that makes more but that I hate.

We can actually prove an upper bound for the error that this approximation gives us. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I'm getting hired as an applications engineer and am pushing to work with web technologies (the few people I talked to during the interview stage indicated that a lot of work is done with JavaScript these days) but I don't find out what team I'll be in until a month or two from now.
If the cisco opportunity turns out to not be what you want, you can keep your skills sharp on your own time then look for a new job after a while.

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