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So sad. Graduating high school in your early 20’s WOW! Third, I am on bail now for yelling at police officers while in jail, on Ambien. At times, I think I almost know too much.. kinda of spoils it for everybody. The gang made most of their money on drug deals, mainly cocaine, but occasionally heroin or other street drugs. I guess that I would be too if I got my girlfriend killed like that. I know my brother.. Unless David Lind is using an alias here, I’m not sure if he is in this Bounty Hunters episode. Greg Diles graduated at 17. Strange. Reader, pixiecat, told me that one of Joy’s daughters is a big westie socialite in L.A. and some magazine did a piece on her big new stylish house. They were pretty small time. He probably thought she was safe and ok there. Thanks. Lind’s close friendship with persons close to California Governor Jerry Brown’s capitol tends to belie the belief that the Aryan Brotherhood is strictly a criminal organization and not one involved in politics at any level. There are all kinds of things like this on the web, which lends to the notoriety of the murders and key players. Yeah, I think Their names are Marla & Michelle. Sounds like a show that I would accidentally sit down and watch with my mom at Christmas. Corrupt law makers? . I know, that’s mean. Anyway, you’re right though, he kinda does look like him. You don’t have to worry about another poster trying to beat you over the head with a 13″ prosthetic dildo when you say somthing negative about Holmes, even though it’s the truth. Adel Nasrallah) from 1982 through 1991. Would be hugely appreciated. There are also rumors that his involvement as an informant goes waaay beyond Wonderland… although he probably really is dead. “He thought Mr. Diles had been shot and he was next,” Lind testified. Yes, but I am not sure how he arranged that…. My opinion is yes! Occasionally, the group would turn to burglary … I guess someone saved the woman or the cops showed up? First, if they go to any other country other then The Philippians, they can and often do get legal shot. in physics in 1940 from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in physics from … My guess would be the current events episode. In 1961, a kid named David Lind graduated from Lodi High School. Ron and David had met while in prison together where the pair became friends. He and a friend went to the Hollywood police station the day after the murders, claiming to know who the killers were. “We have established I’m not a very nice guy and I lie sometimes,” he said at one point after being questioned about his drug-and-robbery-studded past. I guess she has been busy with other stuff. Who gives these people the authority to say they are morally superior then me? Wow, funny you should say that, I just came across this on the TV Guide website but unfortunately can’t see an episode number.. anyway, definitely the strongest lead yet as this episode’s called “Highly Publicized Murders”: Damn, so close but so far. It looks like Sonoma county is near sacramento which I thought was one of his old stomping grounds? Who the heck knows. I’m a college grad, an 125 pound woman, and I had to pay a hell of a lot after too much jail time to get out. Lind was absent during the 1 July 1981 Wonderland murders, as he spent the night doing drugs with a male prostitute; however, Richardson was among the dead at the rowhouse. However, there was one episode from March, 1989 that just read “Current Events” (Nash Trial?). I’ve seen two birth dates for Lind, 1938 & 1940 . I’m sure he either retired, or kept that a secret in Eureka. “He said, ‘Everybody’s dead, don’t go to the house.’ ”, John W, localarts, John, and 1 other are discussing. E-mail - wonderland1981blog at gmail dot com. Wow. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What other movies has she been in? Finally, a step in the right direction! Hello. No wonder Tracy McCourt didnt like him. Jim is known as the Godfather of Surf Music: Accountant Says Nash Was At Wonderland That Night, Day After Nash Robbery, Lind Visits Old Rock Star Friend, Morton Downey, Jr. Show – Still Looking For David Lind,, Other Addresses For David Lind & Tracy McCourt. I can just hear his mom now “Davey! Great stuff Bobby! This one below is in Oregon though, and so it goes… not sure if he lived here with a girlfriend, friends or by himself. John, you are awesome! “Thank you.” In the summer of 1981, David Lind moved from Sacrament to LA at the behest of Ron Launius, Wonderland’s leader. Jerry Brown would not touch Lind with a ten foot pole. Lind befriended Ron Launius when the two men served time in prison together, and Lind and his girlfriend Barbara Richardson travelled to Los Angeles in 1981 to join the Wonderland Gang and assist them in running drugs. I respect people, but not this type of authority. Also in on the robbery, he said, were Ronald Launius, 37; William DeVerell, 42; and Tracy McCourt. Lots of bad black tar heroin there. #640 JOHN HOLMES "Wonderland" House(s) - Daze With Jordan The Lion (5/8/2018) - Duration: 16:48. A break in the case occurred last year when a former lover of the late entertainer Liberace offered new information, authorities said. I was reading an article about the first season of American Horror Story and the producers discussed how they knew they wanted McDermott for the part because there is scene where he walks in on the housekeeper masturbating and gets so turned on that he runs into another room and jacks himself off then immediately feels horrible (with his marriage in tatters) and bursts into tears. FYI. Toggle Comments. Her death was kind of hush hush (for obvious reasons details were not discussed) and very painful for her immediate family. But morals are dropped for monetary gain, right? Thanks Bob. For some reason, Steve-O is there, acting like himself as usual. Party Girl, Janet, Has More Lines in Movie Than Joy Miller! I was hoping to find out some info about her but not much on the internet.”. Those beady lil eyes. Lind was a member of the widely feared Wonderland Gang, which was brutally extinguished in a quadruple murder in 1981, which has come to be known as the Wonderland Murders. He was not on the Mass Murderers show, or Porn Perverts, or Racism/Nazis episodes. David Lind was cremated and interred in a mausoleum in Santa Rosa, CA, within the “Friendship Memorial Niche”. Now, I’m free and have tons of time for more research (especially since I’m working from home until the fall semester starts). He has a very sinister look in his yearbook photo. He’s the one with the great blog and all the good info. “I can’t wait that long, did you talk to Diaz?”. John, If I had any idea where to find this incredible footage I would send you the link but your guess is as good as mine. A great description Jen! I wonder what the episode is even titled..? Who knows, maybe Barbara was sick of his shit and told him to Get Lost? The Mort show only ran for 2 seasons I think. That call came from Jimmy Arias a.k.a Mr. Vegas, this was the guy that showed up the morning of the murders to put Ronnie on a plane to Sacramento for his court date. I am so glad to have found this forum!!! I have possibly posted this before, can’t remember: (Tammy had posted that he died of overdose in 1995). I would love to see her and her new house. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I think it’s great that you know so much. Funny thing is that Joeb guy from the Ghandi Foundation looks even MORE like Lind. David Clay Lind (b 1940, d. 1995) was perhaps the most famous and yet perplexing member of the Brotherhood. Yes, he did, Anthony. As he tried to handcuff Diles, his weapon accidentally discharged, inflicting a powder burn on Diles, Lind testified. Glad you made it through your horrible semester!!!!! we have no information none of his belongings, nothing. To see the other house in Eureka, use the search button: “Lind Address”. David Clay Lind, an ex-convict who said he helped rob Nash, testified that the late adult-film star John Holmes set Nash up for the robbery. I’ll say it again, this site makes the IMDB Wonderland forum look bush league. Right on. This guy dated a freshman chick and he drove a primered and yellow Camaro. I can’t leave because if some idiot who needs to be arrested by the fashion police themselves comes after me; which they can’t because they would never find me if I choose to run- but I won’t- well, that would piss me off. In the prelim testimony, David never mentions Fat Howard, but Nils says Dave spoke to Fat Howard first, just like in the movie Wonderland. Also killed were Lind’s girlfriend, Barbara Richardson, 22, and Joy Audrey Miller, 46. I counted 3. Reminds me of Billy Gibbons of ZZ top without the shades. “Melvyn/Melvin Miller”. I don’t know if they were or not. Based on the likeliness, do you think that’s still him in the Morton Downey Jr video? Oh well. Does anyone know the title of the episode Lind was on? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! from a message board post back in 2008…. That’s a shame really, but Janet is looking pretty cute with her Sheena Easton – 1981 hairstyle. Jenn, John W, Bonnie Brae, and 1 other are discussing. “She was very pretty and a blonde. Sharon memorial service will be held this Saturday in oregon. David Lind (24 October 1938-16 November 1995) was a member of the Wonderland Gang of Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

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