The OCHR believes that clauses (b), (c) and (d) of Article 269 are deliberately intended to cut off any intellectual debate or constructively critical propositions. 101, Nov. 6, 1996. [13] U.S. Dept. [7] Omani Penal Code, art.

of State, Background Note: Oman,, Sep. 22, 2010. 7174 of 1974, as amended by Royal Decree No. [18] Omani Law on the Control of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, art.

A/69/488/Add.2, Dec. 8, 2014. The new Omani Penal Code makes the death penalty a standard punishment in a number of cases. Sporadic protests driven by unemployment broke out on 1 January prompting the government to establish the National Center for Employment. 4 of 2000. [35] The International Harm Reduction Association correctly identifies mandatory language for aggravated drug trafficking offenses, [36] but does not account for the fact that Decree No. of State, 2002 Human Rights Report: Oman, Denial of Fair Public Trial,, Mar.

95-96, U.N. Doc. The punishment for anyone who either openly or by means of publication commits slander against the Sultan and his authority, or denigrates him personally, shall be imprisonment for a term of not less than three years and not more than seven years. [29] U.N.G.A., 62nd Session, Note Verbale dated 11 January 2008, U.N. Doc. Oman’s Basic Statute does not explicitly discuss human rights agreements, but does provide that “[n]o authority in the State shall issue directives, regulations or decisions that contradict the provisions of the applicable Laws and decrees, or international treaties and agreements which are part of the Law of the Land.” [2] This suggests that ratified agreements published in the Official Gazette have the force of law.

236, Royal Decree No.

An aggravating circumstance would be for the crime to occur in a house of worship, official establishment, or public place or function, or be committed by a public employee during or in the course of his work, or by someone in a position of religious authority. 120) The punishment for anyone who solicits for himself or others, or who even indirectly accepts or takes from a foreign state or one of its agents, a gift or benefit, or promise of such, for the purpose of committing an act harmful to the national interest, shall be imprisonment for a term of not less than five years and not more than ten years. In 2008, Oman abstained from voting on the U.N. [1] Most aggravated murder is punishable by a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The security authorities also used these provisions in 2017 to withdraw the accreditation of a journalist because of a news story she wrote for Reuters news agency, as well as to block the website of online magazine Mowatin. After approval from the State Council, the amended law will be forwarded to the Council of Ministers, the cabinet, for approval, and then to Sultan Qaboos for signing. This Article is similar to Article 137 of the former Penal Code, which is routinely used against any peaceful gathering or demonstration. 2, 21, Royal Decree No. (This question was last updated on May 30, 2019.).

[6] Amnesty Intl., Death Sentences and Executions in 2017, p. 30, ACT 50/7955/2018, Apr. [39] Omani Penal Code, art.

[24] Omani Penal Code, arts.

In 2008, Oman abstained from voting on the U.N. Under the previous Law (in Article 126) the punishment for this ranged from six months to three years; the new penalty is much more severe. This is similar to Article 116 of the new Law, but here given a religious slant.

[8], Oman’s transition to a civil court system is still fairly new.

If the perpetrator has no spouse or guardian in Oman, the Public Prosecutor may bring proceedings or expel him from the country. [11] U.N.G.A., Human Rights Council, Summary prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in accordance with paragraph 15 (c) of the annex to Human Rights Council resolution 5/1: Oman, para.

7174 of 1974, as amended by Royal Decree No.

131, Royal Decree No. 17 of 1999. A source in ROP told Gulf News that the number of drug cases has been rising by more than ten per cent every year. Over the past decade, Oman has instituted a civil court system and may have improved access to appeals in capital cases.

In a section of the Code dealing with “Crimes against Religion, Family and Society”, Article 269 states: The punishment shall be imprisonment for a term of not less than three years and not more than ten years for anyone who commits one of the following acts: (a)  blaspheming against or insulting the Divinity verbally or by means of writing, drawing, gestures or by any other means; (b)  insulting, perverting or desecrating the Holy Quran; (c)  insulting the Islamic religion or any of its rites, or any of the divine religions; (d)  blaspheming against or insulting any of the prophets verbally or by means of writing, drawing, gestures or by any other means; or. [33], No.

7174 of 1974, as amended by Royal Decree No. Register to read and get full access to, By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our The same penalty shall apply to anyone who gives, promises or offers any of the above even if the gift, promise or offer is not accepted, and even if he is only an intermediary. 110(1) cum. 7174 of 1974, as amended by Royal Decree No.

[25] Omani Penal Code, art. The first Omani Narcotic Law issued by a royal decree number 17/99.

A/67/841, Apr.

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