Our new customer portal, MyDurhamWater, will provide online access to your account. Measuring tape The total length and inboard setting will be driven by your boat spread, skill level, strength, conditioning, and physiology.
Then recheck as explained in the Checking and Adjusting Pitch Section. Cut the decal at 5cm to each side of the desired length using an Exacto knife or razor blade (for instance, if the desired length is 286cm, cut at 281 and 291) and remove the excess. When you are finished, your grip should have no air pockets between it and the handle surface. The BOA is composed of ten member appointed by the Durham …

There is no guarantee that a repaired fracture will withstand these stresses, so repairs involving this extent of damage should be handled by Durham Boat Company, Inc. staff. Twist the sleeve until the top plate faces upward (note: the blade should be held level, at 0 degrees), and place the pitch meter in the middle of the sleeve. NOTE: Due to the difficulty of this repair procedure, it is generally recommended that you send your oars to Durham Boat Company for a professional blade exchange; however, if this is impossible or financially impractical, the procedure can be done yourself. The Board of Adjustment (BOA) holds quasi-judicial public hearings to determine requests made by property owners in the City and County of Durham for minor and design special use permits, variances, and appeals of administrative interpretations or decisions as authorized by state law and local ordinance.

The Committee of Adjustment will review the site-specific circumstances regarding each application.

In the case that the decals on your sleeve are removed or rendered unreadable, new ones can be installed easily. Likewise, if less overlap is favored, push in the handle in 0.5cm to 1cm increments. Alpha Sculls and Other Adjustable Sculls with the Tool Free Adjustment Materials needed: Step 1: Place the oar on a flat surface with the concave curve of the blade is facing upward.

Follow this point around the sleeve to the flat surface and place the 198cm marking on the decal on this point (making sure that the numbers grow as they approach the handle end). Step 1: Place the oar on a flat surface, with the curve of the blade opening upward. Before the glue completely hardens, gently scrape off the excess, taking care not to change the pitch in doing so. Exacto knife Step 2: Then apply 4-5 topcoats of an enamel top coat and let dry between coats.

Lacquer primer probably works best.

(Chisel). Materials needed: Alpha – Tool Free On-the-Water Total Length Adjustment.

Exacto knife or razor blade. Imagine a straight line running down the middle of the shaft to the end of the blade, and where that line touches the tip of the blade, place the end of the measuring tape.

Small Flathead screwdriver Use the metric ruler as a straight edge and cut the line of the hypotenuse using an Exacto knife. The sleeve decal indicates outboard length and is meant to determine the placement of the collar. Materials needed:

Small Sweep Handle (3.7cm handle diameter with the grip installed): 12.97cm Cut off any excess using an Exacto knife or razor blade, and repeat this process for the second oar. Step 1: Slide the handle designated as “Port” into the port oar. Place the open end of the handle on the corner of a table so that it is fairly stable, and blow air from the compressor through the hole at the top of the grip. The Board of County Commissioners appoints three members and two alternates of whom at least three must reside outside the city limits. To begin, a solid oar fixture is necessary to hold the oar firmly in place in order to accurately check and adjust pitch. The side of the sleeve on which the hole will be drilled depends on whether your oar is port or starboard.

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Step 1: Though not imperative, it is highly recommended that you build an oar fixture (as explained in the Installing New Blades section).

Simply wrap two or three times around the seam and the leak should be stopped. Once the flat part of the sleeve is removed, push the screwdriver under the remaining cuff of the sleeve. Step 2: First, place a piece of masking tape at one end of the sleeve and note the centerline of the top plate so that the new sleeve will be installed in the same position. September 22, 2020 Remove the screw in the side of the sleeve using a flathead screwdriver. The new portal will allow you to: View your billing information … Step 1: Place a short piece of 2 x 4 (i.e., 12 – 18 inches) on a flat surface. Imagine a straight line running down the middle of the shaft to the end of the blade. Add to Compare. Add to Compare. Place the blade of the oar on the 2 x 4 with the tip of the blade extended 2.5 to 3 inches (~7cm) from the center of the board. The Virtual Committee of Adjustment meeting for Thursday July 9, 2020 will start at 7:00 p.m. and can be viewed  at: https://townofwhitby.my.webex.com/meet/WhitbyCofA. The circumference of the handle (without grip) times a factor of 1.18 will determine the length of the leading edge of the wrap (i.e., from the bottom corner to the top edge). The rule of thumb is to divide the spread in cm by 2, then add either 7cm or 8cm.

Membership: 5 Citizen … The BOA is composed of ten member appointed by the Durham City Council and the Board of Commissioners.

May 26, 2020

County Departments » Departments A-E » Board of Commissioners » Boards and Commissions - Minutes, January 28, 2020 The SRS sleeves are either red or black with black or red collars.

The Average Outboard setting should be near the center on the Segmented screw lined up with the face of the Movable Bearing Surface Collar. Step 4: Then sand with 400 grit sandpaper, rinse and dry.

Heat evenly around the shaft and avoid heating the blade. Mount the other half of the sleeve and install two of the 10 screws. Add to Compare. Aluminum foil. The reading obtained at the interface between the handle and the shaft indicates total length. If the surface under the old sleeve is smooth, then first sand with coarse sandpaper (i.e., 80 grit) to have the best adhesion with the bonding material.

Remove the masking tape and affix the decal, making sure there are no air bubbles between the handle and the decal. For information regarding questionable damage, call Durham Boat Company. Sweeps Then position the sleeve decal so that the Couple, facing the handle end and “Dreher Logo”, is just intersecting 197cm (making sure that the numbers get larger as they approach the handle end).

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