surrogacy in Nigeria: giving birth to another woman’s baby.

Even if a hospital has the expertise and equipment, she said, it might not have the electricity to use the equipment or even to see the patient in the dark. To learn more, review our Cookie Policy. But ignorance is not the only cause of Nigeria’s high maternal death rate, according to Obinya. The World needs you. “We hear it all the time,” Amaechi told GlobalPost. Email:, your passport to affordable childbirth in the USA, At HCS, US Citizenship Document Processing, We advise our clients on the most affordable, and effective means of transportation in the USA.

As childless couples are embracing surrogacy in Nigeria.

It all started with a phone call and the rest is history.It will be 365 days tomorrow when our family was blessed with another beautiful boy. We later saw a hand bill that read ‘Affordable Childbirth in the USA with Heritage Childbirth Services’. It costs much more than if you stayed back and had your delivery at home, but with Barrister Simisola and her team, you'll get the best deal possible and plenty personal touch. On the government front, over the years there have been efforts to address the factors that contribute to high mortality rates.

Mothers also die because child marriage and pressure to have many babies are common in some parts of Nigeria, Obinya said.

Cost of GIVING BIRTH in the USA from Nigeria. 1 Comment.

“Even getting from her home to the primary health care maybe a big problem,” she told GlobalPost. Training more women to be doctors, she added, would ensure that health care professionals and eventually the entire system was more sensitive to the needs of mothers. According to a 10-year study of all maternal deaths at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital from January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2014, the five highest causes of death are: severe bleeding, infections, hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (eclampsia), obstructed labor and complications following unsafe abortion. January 27, 2019. I was certain all my life that I had 3 sisters, but I just discovered the 4th who nobody ever told me about.

We had our baby in the US at an unbelievable price of 3600USD with HCS, saving a total of 12570USD, thanks to HCS’ prompt, reliable and affordable services! we can not but thank the Almighty God for the services of Heritage childbirth.From Pre-delivery, immigration, accommodation, transportation, shopping and the post delivery arrangement; the services was flawless. © 2020 Society for Family Health Nigeria - All Rights Reserved. Flat & Lada Bus Stop, 94, Liberty Stadium Road. So if you luckily get to see an exceptional ones amongst the lot, you can't do without appreciating. Also in 2016, the MTN Foundation carried out a Maternal Ward Support Program where it renovated 24 maternal centres in six beneficiary states to complement the national objective of reducing maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria. I will never regret signing up with Heritage Childbirth Services… God used them for me… My US visa application was approved through them… They prepared me for my port of entry experience… They call to check up on clients… You have made my dream come true, Heritage Childbirth Services. Obinya said even those who make it to the hospital on time might not be able to get emergency treatment. Nigeria is second only to India. information is power, do give it a try at HCS.

She became one of the 145. It's a top notch from the day you make your intentions known, to the time you decide to come back home, they will always be there. After her death, I contemplated taking legal action against the hospital but then I had no way to prove that they had been negligent.

Saving Pregnant Women’s Lives in Gombe Northeast Nigeria – Using New Tools for Blood Pressure Monitoring and Community Health Workers. Back at the hospital, Mrs. Hezekiah labored and finally gave birth to a 4.6kg baby boy. PRX is a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS: #263347402. Join us today by sharing your story with the hashtag #GivingBirthInNigeria. After giving birth to three children in Nigeria, we decided to give birth in the USA to our fourth baby due to the complications that I had been experiencing. She goes on a donkey. “She goes on a camel. For example, some villages have set up a communal fund to pay drivers to bring women to the hospital in an emergency, even if she doesn’t have the cash on hand. We have numbers and numbers are good because they allow us to see the scope of the problem.

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