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You’ve got to get up and play a solo on a kit that’s not yours. It was never about how great the song was, based on how it touched people or moved them on an emotional level. I feel that you have to really get more into the music and learn to appreciate what makes a good drum part for the song. And growing up in L.A., I was into all the area fusion artists, like saxophonist Brandon Fields with drummers Gregg Bissonette and Tom Brechtlein. 8×10 tom The venues were booked, the tickets were sold, and there were something like 70 people in the crew. Glen: I was fortunate to be placed in middle school band class. MD: Do you feel that learning different styles of music makes you a better player? Spokeo is not a consumer reporting agency as defined Glen: When I first got the Alice gig, my main priority was learning the original tunes with the authentic feel. I knew I had it all down. What’s interesting is that when some of my young students listen to Bonham, they think he sounds sloppy, because they’re so used to hearing modern music with everything fixed in the mix to be in perfect time. Find contact info for Glenn Sobel - phone number, address, email. You don’t have time to think, so you really need to be ready to bring your “A” game. ", Sobel sighs at the memory: "It was so important for us to play a kickass rock show. Learning anything takes time, and you have to decide what’s most important to spend your time learning. It helped me create a relaxed intensity. A. Glen: I think some drummers get too focused on clinic-style playing and they become too good for their own good. One thing I have to be aware of is not hitting too hard. It's what Tommy [Henriksen] in the Alice band calls 'C.B.G.s' - Character Building Gigs. MD: How did making the transition from being a first-call guitar-shred drummer to playing with the rap-rock group SX-10 affect your playing style? Our ethnicity data indicates the majority is Caucasian. After spending the afternoon making notes on Crue's set... he rocked with Alice and then immediately after with Vince, Mick and Nikki while Tommy was on the sidelines talking to Glen through his in ear monitors and giving cues on parts of the show. Glen fills in for Tommy Lee in Mötley Crüe due to a case of inflamed tendinitis in Tommy's wrist. This soon led to his first pro gig playing for guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine. The versatile player was able to put this idiosyncratic mental preparation to good use in 2010 when he received an emergency call to sub for an injured Matt Laug as the drummer for Italian superstar Vasco Rossi. $800,000. He’s like Ringo in that he’s got his own unique style that’s unmistakable. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. MD: You’ve suffered neck and back injuries and had to take time off to recover from surgery. Now it seems like most kids are forced to listen to what their friends listen to, or you’re not part of the hang. I would lose sleep over this stuff. The prep time was minimal: Sobel had three days to learn 26 songs he'd never heard before ("Everybody in Italy can sing these songs by heart, but they were new to me"), after which he had to fly to Italy for an afternoon rehearsal with Rossi's band. I have students ask me about that groove all the time. I definitely had to be in the right frame of mind to make it work.". A native of Los Angeles, Sobel began playing drums at the age of eleven. Glen Sobel: my best and worst gigs ever. Sobel recorded one record with MacAlpine in 1993, entitled Madness, which featured jazz saxophone luminary Branford Marsalis. Glen: There’s a new Alice record coming next year that is mostly cover tunes, with lots of special guests. And then, chuckling, he says, "Every musician has to start somewhere. Do you enjoy the opportunity to play a variety of styles? It felt like there were more people on stage than in the audience. If you’re auditioning for a pop gig and you start playing a bunch of metal and fusion licks, you’re not going to get the gig. I've been playing their pedals/hi-hat stands for around 16 years so I'm very familiar with this great company. Switching musical gears, Sobel took gigs with SX-10, a rap/rock hybrid band with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill which featured many other rap luminaries of the day such as Everlast and Kottonmouth Kings. MD: Aside from the Alice gig, you work with artists in other genres. 6. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. When I’m at Musicians Institute, I see way too many kids in the labs on Facebook instead of in the practice rooms playing their instruments. Glen performs alongside Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Brad Whitford and Robert DeLeo at the Hilton Anaheim during the NAMM convention. Gregg’s a rock player with a hugely diverse background in jazz and Latin music—I remember an issue of Modern Drummer where there was a sound supplement and a transcription of Gregg’s solo from Brandon Fields’ track “The Brain Dance.” Gregg was actually a mentor of mine. 5.5×14 Black Panther Brass Cat or Black Panther Blade snare It’s not about people standing there with their arms folded, trying to analyze every note you play. I was totally into Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra with Billy Cobham, Weather Report. Could I cut it? 10. We had to pick numbers out of a hat, because so many kids wanted to play drums. ", When not on tour, Glen can be seen playing every Wednesday in the resident band for SOUND CHECK LIVE held at Lucky Strike Live in the heart of Hollywood. Visit our corporate site. Beautiful Creatures participated in several tours in 2001 including Ozzfest, opening for Marilyn Manson and others. "It's definitely a trick, a kind of disconnect you have to achieve." And I feel like I came full circle with my drumming when I got the gig with Beautiful Creatures. I couldn’t wait to show him what I’d learned based on his ideas from the Racer X and Judas Priest records. He was asked to participate in the 27th Drum Off as a Judge to determine the winner for 2016. MD: Do you feel there’s too much focus on technique today? But the biggest thing I've learned, and this is vital when you're stepping into a new situation and subbing for someone, is how not to choke when playing in a room full of skeptical people.". There was a problem. Alice got sober in the early ’80s, but most of the vampires are gone now. After I played the part, he came over, reached over the drum riser and shook my hand. Among the most well-rounded players on today’s rock scene, Sobel is also an accomplished teacher, and he’s quick to turn to the rock classics not only for his own inspiration but to educate others as well. Not a lot of fun. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. G. 18×22 bass drum, Cymbals: Sabian MD: Do you pace yourself and preplan your showmanship moments? All Rights Reserved. Tony MacAlpine Madness /// Impellitteri Crunch, System X, Pedal to the Metal, Wicked Maiden /// Gary Hoey Hocus Pocus Live, Money /// Jennifer Batten’s Tribal Rage Momentum /// SX-10 Mad Dog American /// Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures /// Jeff Scott Soto Lost in the Translation /// Paul Gilbert Get Out of My Yard instructional DVD /// Beasto Blanco Live Fast Die Loud /// Bruce Bouillet The Order of Control /// Nostalghia Chrysalis /// Alice Cooper Live at Wacken 2013 DVD. Glen's been in several readers polls in the past for Modern Drummer, DRUM! He’s a real guitar player that actually came to L.A. in the ’80s with his band the Kids. When you’re a teenager, you think you’re indestructible. BA1 1UA. F. 16×18 floor tom I tell my students that in order to really improve your drumming, you have to practice things over and over until you’re sick of playing it. Copyright © 2020 Modern Drummer Publications. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Copyright © GLENSOBEL.COM 2016. I made the snare line in ninth grade and had lots of catching up to do with the older players. I’d forgotten about that after doing all the guitar-shred gigs. When I played Ozzfest, it was a pleasant reminder that it’s all about having a good time. Glen: It was a trial-by-fire situation, because we only had two or three nights of rehearsals before we recorded. And I explain that most of the crazy stuff you hear me play in my clinic will never be played on a real gig. MD: Did you study at Musicians Institute before you began teaching there? I finally had to take about five weeks off the tour and have neck surgery. His concept of the three-stroke ruff on double bass, for instance, is unique. After some medical treatment Tommy Lee is expected to return to the kit for the Europe run of this tour which begins Nov 2nd in the UK. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Glen: I love the fact that I’ve become diverse enough to play in many different musical situations. "Our friends were 17, 18, and they couldn't get in. On these events we play with Alice, but we also become a backing band for special guests like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar, and Rob Halford of Judas Priest. [See our In Memoriam piece on Silverman on page 102 of this issue.]. Glen plays a special performance of previously unreleased Hollywood Vampire tracks with Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Vai, Tom Morello at Lucky Strike in Hollywood, Ca. I think the emotional connection gets forgotten about too often with musicians. I didn’t really appreciate Charlie Watts until later in my career, when I had to learn some Stones music. ... Sobel began playing drums at the age of eleven. You get through it and chalk it up to experience. But when we play it’s not a nostalgia trip. So you have to use certain fills that are going to work well with those sizes and that tuning. 14″ Metal-X Hats That can be hard on my shoulders, so I have to be careful with those. The TEC awards honor Joe Perry with the Les Paul award. We cut our setlist down and played to the club's staff and a couple of our friends' parents. Glen: Playing with Alice Cooper allows me to do some nice drumistic things, but my role in the band is mainly to support. All rights reserved. We’re headlining major rock festivals, and we have to play things a little heavier for today’s rock crowd. Glen Sobel is an American drummer who has performed and recorded in many different genres. And I used to pick the drum corps guys’ brains to learn their tricks. You have to know what’s important to the music that you’re playing. And you’ve only got a few minutes to set it up. Sobel recorded one record with MacAlpine in 1993, entitled Madness, which featured jazz saxophone luminary Branford Marsalis. Bath Drums (2007-2009) Bang Tango. MD: You’re a great showman. West Hills CA, Reseda CA, Los Angeles CA, Woodland Hills CA, Michelle Sobel, Melinda Sobel, Penny Sobel, Mark Sobel, Robyn Sobel. He studied drums throughout high school whilst playing in marching bands, jazz bands and other bands outside of school, ultimately winning a large drum-off competition in Los Angeles at the age of 19. My foot pedal tension is somewhere between tight and loose. MD: You have exceptional hand and foot technique and have learned to incorporate some serious chops into your rock drumming without going over the top.

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