Despite its wide range, Hausa has relatively limited dialect variation. The Hausa economy has rested on the intensive cultivation of sorghum, corn (maize), millet, and many other crops grown on rotation principles and utilizing the manure of Fulani cattle. Whether they're swearing or causing you in the language, you should now KNOW. The Hausa cultural practices stand unique in Nigeria and have withstood the test of time due to strong traditions, cultural pride as well as an efficient precolonial native system of government. Some scholars believe that there is a link between the Hausa and the people of Ethiopia based on shared worship of the sun, practiced prior to the arrival of Islam and Christianity. The language is also widely used by ethnic groups such as the Tuareg, Fulani, Gur, Kanuri, Arabs, Shuwa, and other Afro-Asiatic communities. Grave and acute accents are typically used for representing tones.

Administration is aided by an extensive bureaucracy, often utilizing records written in Arabic. There are no simple rules for predicting the plural form. There are no consonant clusters. There are also two diphthongs /ai/ and /au/. Hausa has a rich vocabulary due to numerous borrowings from other languages. Most Hausa nouns have plural forms. Hausa society was, and to a large extent continues to be, politically organized on a feudal basis. The language is one of the largest in … Hausa has 32 consonants. Descent is patrilineal; and close kin, especially cousins, are preferred marriage partners. Below are a few Hausa words and phrases in Boko, a Latin-based alphabet for Hausa. The language belongs to the Chadic group of the Afro-Asiatic (formerly Hamito-Semitic) family and is infused with many Arabic words as a result of Islāmic influence, which spread during the latter part of the 14th century from the kingdom of Mali, profoundly influencing Hausa belief and customs. It is one of the largest languages on the African continent, spoken as a first language by the original Hausa people and by people of Fula ancestry. There are several Hausa language newspapers and a growing body of literature. There is no data on how long it takes speakers of English to learn Hausa to Level S3. Terms of Use There are a number of theories about the origin of the Hausa people. Hausa is the majority language of much of northern Nigeria and the neighboring Republic of Niger. They constitute the largest ethnic group in the area, which also contains another large group, the Fulani, perhaps one-half of whom are settled among the Hausa as a ruling class, having adopted the Hausa language and culture. Many Hausa themselves believe that their ancestors were Arabs whose descendants founded the Hausa city-states. Hausa is one of the regional languages used in Nigeria. / Hausa is used in commerce, government and the media. Hausa. The most recent source of borrowing is English in Nigeria and French in Niger. Another theory identifies the Hausa people as desert nomads who lived in the Sahara. The home territories of the Hausa people lie on both sides of the border between Niger, where about one-half of the population speaks Hausa as a first language, and Nigeria, where about one-fifth of the population speaks it as a first language.The Hausa are predominantly Muslim. Hausa has a complex phonological system characterized by tones in addition to large inventories of vowels and consonants. Updates? Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). The range of craft products is large, and trading is extensive, particularly in regularly held markets in the larger towns. Hausa is spoken by 18.5 million people in Nigeria. Ethnologue identifies the following major dialect divisions: Standard Hausa is based on the dialect of Kano, the largest and most important Hausa-speaking city in Nigeria. Hausa (هَوْسَ), also known as Abakwariga, Habe, Haoussa, Hausawa, Kado, and Mgbakpa, belongs to the West Chadic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. How difficult is it to learn Hausa? The ruler (emir) of one of the several Hausa states is surrounded by a number of titled officeholders who hold villages as fiefs, from which their agents collect taxes. Hausa folklore includes some popular myths regarding the origins of the Hausa people. Corrections? Noble lineages dominated important official positions. This article was most recently revised and updated by, World Culture Encyclopedia - Hausa People, CRW Flags - Flag of The Hausa People, Nigeria.

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