), keeping trespassers off the property, readdressing the mail, and in general, making sure that everything runs smoothly just as if the owner was at home.”. Given the amount to be done - at various hours - I would ask for at least $50 per day.

You want to go on vacation, but can’t leave your pets alone – will a house sitter cost an arm and a leg? They left their keys somewhere private, and I let myself in. Are they an animal lover – if you have pets? Please try again. It's less than half what we would pay to board the animals at the kennel. If they’re obviously not appropriate, I send them my thank-you message and take them out of the running. I’d run an online business for a good fifteen years at this point. If I’m honest, there’s a bit of work involved with finding a great house sitter. You can do some online research, ask in a local online forum or chat up friends and neighbors in your area to get a good estimate of the local going rate.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy to proceed. I currently am away from my Florida condo for an extended time.
https://www.google.com/#hl=en&gs_nf=...w=1280&bih=575. In a nutshell, a House Sitter acts like you would if you were at home. They have access to your entire house and all of the amenities and contents.

We offer both types of House Sitting and would be happy to discuss your House Sitting needs with you. If no one out of my top three feel suitable, I connect with my maybe’s and run through the same process. The homeowners I’ve worked with have told me they get hundreds of applications, many of which aren’t qualified, and it gets overwhelming to choose. We pay 35 dollars a day for housesitting which includes care of 2 cats one of whom needs shots twice daily. They do not stay overnight in your home, but your pets (if you have any) remain at home.

Please contact me and we can discuss my schedule and your needs.

The login page will open in a new tab. I touched base with a few folks in the hostel I stayed at. I touched base with a few folks in the hostel I stayed at. To note: most of my housesits come through word-of-mouth now, or my Facebook group. Are they insured and have you checked references? If the housesitter doesn’t stay overnight in your home, and need to water plants, check security, get the mail, mow the lawn, love your animal(s) – then it’ll depend on where you live in the world and what exactly you need done. How many hours of the day will they be at your house?

I've traveled for free (except the occasional cheap flight) for the last three years.

For free? Not all House Sitters will be created equal, some will be happy to stay in your house for free as a holiday whereas others are operating a full-time business providing House Sitting services.

Post a request for a housesitter either in my newsletter, Facebook group, and/or on. This service is great for security and in some countries your insurance company will offer you a discount if you use a House Sitting service when you are away as they consider your home to be at less risk if you are using this type of service. I’ve met people who charge for their house sitting services, and a few companies will connect you with folks that run (about) the same price as a kennel for daily, in-home care. I think it's too little and pay her $20. That’s a lot.

Sometimes, I might agree with them, i.e. In case you don’t know exactly what a House Sitter does here is the definition from Wikipedia, “House-sitting is the practice whereby a landlord (or “homeowner”), leaving their house for a period of time, entrusts it to one or more “house-sitters”, who by a mutual agreement are entitled to live there rent-free in exchange for assuming responsibilities such as taking care of the homeowner’s pets, performing general maintenance (including pools, lawns, air-conditioning systems etc. How do I know this?

I offered my babysitter (a recent high school graduate) $25/day to pet/house sit for us while we are away this summer. There are obviously pros and cons of a live-in house sitter and it certainly isn’t for everyone.

Advertising - “Housesitting tends to be something that relatives and friends do when someone’s on holiday,” Kai Feller, co-founder of Bark.com, said. Personally, I rarely use TrustedHousesitters any more to find housesits, though. You can also try joining my Facebook group – I’ve created one just for this purpose, Need a Housesitter / Become a Petsitter Mastermind Group. Cookie Policy -

Different services offer a different level of care, which will run you anywhere from $30-100 USD a year.

If they’re a hell-yes, I take a cue card and list all their details, including how they fit my requirements. Basically, I took care of whatever the home or pet owner(s) needed while they were away in exchange for a place to stay. Win-win. Something that we get asked a lot when customers call us is whether we offer a house sitting service and how much a house sitter costs. Our house/pet sitter charges us 10-15 dollars a day. No way.

How do I know this? For more information about your privacy and protection, please review our full. You have the peace of mind knowing they take everything care of 24/7. Rates for House Sitting, therefore, start at zero up to 100 euro plus per 24 hour period. This means the housesiter offers non-residential services. Living in rural Ireland with her husband Mike she is a huge animal lover, an avid blogger and all round lover of Social Media. But travel expenses to and from the house are often covered, and of course there are no accommodation costs.

Win/win arrangement. How I Started House Sitting For Free. So, what to do? If you require their services for a few hours, then you can pay at the range of $25-$30 per day. (Note: if you’re looking for a housesitter, I housesit for free, and am most often in the Vancouver, Canada area.

Housesitting! when there’s a lot of farm work or specialized medical pet care. It just wasn’t a direct financial transaction where money changed hands.

And don't underestimate the service you are going to give. Want to know how? I read every single applicant’s email and put them into a ‘grid’. Do you need them there a certain number of days for your homeowner’s insurance? I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Contact Us -

However, if it is overnight or over a period of days, the price will definitely increase. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve made some dear friends through housesitting, and a good handful added me on Facebook. Are they part of a company/organisation that you can contact if there is an issue. I’m not popular for this opinion. Are they travelling alone or will they be bringing friends/family with them? They said we could look up what other house-sitter's usually make and just try and find something fair.

Figure out a fair hourly wage, such as $15 to $25 per visit.

Here a babysitter gets $20 an hour minimum - and I used to pay (5 years ago) $40 per day for a neighbor to care for 2 healthy cats and bring in mail.

4 Consider if you are providing a service for the sitter. Around £10 a day is common and there may be no fee at all. Another thousand for a kennel or a house sitter seems a bit much. Does your home insurance cover the property for any damages while you are away? Yes, we've never paid a housesitter but that's because we always had young people working for us who were delighted to have a house of their own for a couple of weeks instead of a bunch of roommates or, worse, brothers and sisters and parents! For some young renters or young people, house sitting may allow them to live rent-free for a short time. Some people just don’t like the idea of anyone in their home when they are not there, let alone living in their home. If you use my code RAF44968 you’ll get 25% off you first year.

If you are considering hiring a House Sitter and you have questions then let us know. It’s essential to control spending while you're house-sitting, though. Not all House Sitters will be created equal, some will be happy to stay in your house for free as a holiday whereas others are operating a full-time business providing House Sitting services. So, it’s affordable, and reusable if you visit your in-laws for the weekend, or have a wedding to attend a few towns over.

The first thing to consider when figuring out what to pay your house sitter is your location.

We left the refrigerator loaded for them and a sum of money for more food. I must see them and their environment to know if we’re a good fit. Grab my free housesitting report that explains exactly how and where to find your first housesit, quickly and easily. You can post your requestfor free in there. That is beyond a house sitter in my opinion.

I’ve yet to get paid in cash, although I feel every homeowner has “paid” me well for my services. Archive - In general, Bark.com has found that most house sitters will earn more than £50 a day, with some earning more than £200. After registering, I can manage my newsletter subscriptions by visiting my Profile Settings page. Was there internet? While traveling through Western Europe in late 2014 and early 2015, I spent more than I could afford on accommodations. When you look what it costs to hire a House Sitter there are a number of factors to consider. You’re aware you can find a qualified, experienced and personable housesitter for free, and that it’s not as hard as you thought. managing and all emergencies if they arise, including contacting the homeowner. I told her I needed her to come by 3 times a day to take care of the pets (1 cat, 1 dog) and plan to spend about 1 hour each time, take in the mail everyday, and put out/bring in the garbage can once a week.

House-sitter pay is usually low. We have paid $5/day just for someone to come sprinkle our plants--probably took 10 minutes.

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