The Great Wall of Benin was a great structural and architectural piece that was way ahead of time and stood to protect the ancient Benin kingdom. The architectural mastery of the Hausas is perhaps one of the least known buys the most beautiful of the medieval age. Different generations of Nigerians are closely connected due to their culture. In cities like, Lagos and Port Harcourt traffic is very bad, and it takes skillful scheduling to avoid getting caught in it. Here are a few commonly used saying in Nigeria that are worth noting: Nigeria is a very diverse and dynamic country. Tribal marks used to be widely popular amongst Yorubas but that culture is fast washing out amongst modern Yoruba descendants. The women wear their hair in native styles such as Suku.

However, even with the country’s infrastructural challenges, there are still quality hotels, restaurants, and innovative transportation options, such as Uber and Taxify that are available.

Challenges that include a variety of issues, such as inconsistent electricity, bad roads, and low-quality public transportation. The culture of Nigeria is shaped by Nigeria's multiple ethnic groups. The Yoruba culture is rich and unique drawing comparison with no other culture around. Language is the most important way of mastering the national culture. It’s an active process, a lifestyle of people which is constantly growing, evolving and mutating. Anywhere you find yourself in the Nigerian territory, you will meet a unique group of people who are set in their ways and would blow your mind away with their ways of life.

When a person becomes a member of the society, he accumulates knowledge about language, symbols, values, norms, customs and traditions of that environment.

The Yoruba people live in the southwestern and north-central parts of Nigeria. Our culture determines the way we communicate with others. Nigeria culture plays an important role in lives of separate individuals and the society as the whole. In this country, individuals usually become a part of one or more ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The Benin people of present-day Edo state had a culture that amazed the colonial masters when they first got to the ancient Benin kingdom. The overwhelming majority, with the exception of Tiv, profess the Muslim religion. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Nigerian cities tend to be highly populated as many people flock to urban environments for better employment opportunities. It can be argued that the intellectual level of a society depends on how adequately that particular society can use its richest knowledge embedded in history and generations past. Other symbols used to communicate and share stories are music, sculpture, dance, painting, theater etc.

Daily life in Nigeria varies based on location, and whether you reside in the city or rural areas. They shape and regulate his behavior.

However, even with the country’s infrastructural challenges, there are still quality, , and innovative transportation options, such as, Regardless of the country’s developmental struggles, Nigerians enjoy interacting with their community. The women tie wrappers called ‘Abaya’ and wear blouses, head ties, shawls, and hijabs.

Furthermore, Nigerians are known for their larger-than-life celebrations, and definitely, go the extra mile to make sure to throw notable and enjoyable events for their attendees. Nigerians are a group of people who are so different but still united as one in the quest to achieve a common purpose of nation-building.

Nigeria has three main environmental regions: savanna, tropical forests, and coastal wetlands.

Lagos is a bustling city that has become a melting pot of Nigerian tribes. They are well known for their energetic dance steps, colorful attires, and masquerades. They have been able to preserve their cultural practices over time as a result of their strong native system of government. Although Lagos is located in the southwest region of Nigeria, Lagos is a port city with an International Airport and is considered to be Nigeria’s center of commerce. The Benin people of present-day Edo state had a culture that amazed the colonial masters when they first got to the ancient Benin kingdom. The Efiks, Ibibios, Kanuris, Itsekiris, Ijaws, Igalas, Igedes, Idomas, Nupe etc all have beautiful cultures that stand them out and make them distinct and important in Nigeria. Your email address will not be published. He is assisted by a team of elders known as Enjoyed (Chiefs). The population of Nigeria makes up 1/8 of the inhabitants of the African continent. The country is often discussed in terms of its regions (i.e., North, Southeast, and Southwest) and its dominant tribes. Clearly, the system of culture is not only complex and diverse, but also very mobile. Nigerians typically hold a primary position of employment but are always on the lookout for other opportunities to generate supplemental income. Igbos are mostly farmers, traders, and craftsmen. Infrastructure. Unfortunately, in our country, some subcultures oppose each other which lead to the spread of cultural differences in Nigeria. Nigerians are generally, enterprising, resilient, and enthusiastic people. The Yorubas are a fun-loving people and are known for their eye-catching, colorful and rhythmic dance steps. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); TYPES OF CULTURE IN NIGERIA AND THEIR IMPORTANCE. The people of this tribe is gifted sculptors. As mentioned above, Nigeria is the most populous African country, and also amongst the top 10 most populous countries in the world with approximately 195 million people. Hilarious video shows French police confused as they see big calabash of 'sacrifice' outside Nigerian embassy in Paris, BREAKING: Obasanjo breaks silence on EndSARS protest, sends timely message to Buhari, See how this little girl controlled this big dog like her toy, this is how the animal reacted (video), Nigerians slam Bobrisky for making distasteful joke about fallen protesters, Breaking: Staff of office seized as hoodlums attack Oba of Lagos' palace, See how people chased this little baby who 'stole' away camera during videoshoot, many react, Davido and Chioma's son Ifeanyi cruises in his Mercedes Benz as he clocks one, 2023: Buhari's likely successor named as PDP identifies 5 candidates from southeast (full list), You will be impressed with how many non-overlapping channels are available with 802.11h.

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