The whole story was somehow not as interesting. The story wasn't making any sense at all.Too many twist and truns were making no sense.Some of the fighting scenes were also poorly directed specially the fighting scene in Akita (Japan).The man to man combat was somehow good but then again with shallow story line.The story was plain without any suspense.It seemed that as it was made on marketing demand rather than focusing on the venom that its predecessor (iris 1) has left.The story had so much potential to be carried on but unfortunately due to weak and shallow story with major loop holes in direction made its rating down. Maybe Iris3 will be next, and she will be casted. 5.) I'm so frustrated with the ending, it hurt me so much even for the last time they did not make it a happy makes me so angry...but i understand, if you look it you will understand why they did not make it to have a happy ending because from the very start of the drama it was an action thrailer. nu poate fi sper ka totul sa fie un plan bine pus la punct si ka el sa se intoarca pt razbunare km a facut si prima rog dak mai aveti noutati si pe mn la curent. WTF? heh about Iris 2.. as I see everyone thinks [hopes] that KHJ will be back.. well yeah, he can come back and get his revenge, but he can and Not To Come Back, at the Iris 2 it can be that CSH [his girl...] will take revenge for everything [while MAYBE KHJ will be in some coma? What makes it worse is that if he really is dead he was killed right before he could propose.[1]=50928; The lead actors in this one have no chemistry at all! jkjkjk Dec 07 2011 7:10 am Google it before you open your stupid mouth, moron. scriptwriter... henok Jan 27 2012 7:42 pm *DooJoon from B2st, Lee Joon from Mblaq and A-jax's Hyeongkon too (Please add his name in the list mods) .Previously we only had T.O.P but story wise we didn't need more back then though :). At a warehouse that sells arms illegally, NSS (National Security Service) team leader Joon-Han (Sung Dong-Il) sees Detective Yoo-Gun (Jang Hyuk) and asks him to work with him as an NSS agent. I don't understand why some people think that the main cast must be in every sequel...The story will only drag on and get boring after a few episodes, a new cast doesn't mean the whole story breaks off, they're basically considered as people who got hired after lee byung hun died and obviously kim tae hee wouldn't' wanna keep working if her love died. ], cause IRIS took everything what she had, her love KHJ, friend Jin Sa-Woo, and her parents, maybe even something more that i can't remember now.. soo One of these will happen, I'm interested witch one ^^ the only thing which is disappointing that TOP will not be in it..

IrIS 2 continues to disappoint after the eleventh (11 th) episode.

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