Torque: 664. For more information click here. Hennessey Venom F5 Clearly stung by the experience of having the achievements of the Venom GT unheralded by official bodies, Hennessey decided go one better with the Venom F5. Torque: 715.

I acknowledge this machine for its incredible accomplishment to be fast enough to set a Guinness record in the first place and I’m sure it’s just a dream to drive; it’s just really hard to wrap my head around that ugly styling. The Hennessey Venom F5 succeeds the company's 270.4 mph (435 kmh) Venom GT. July 21st, 1904 we broke the 100mph barrier; the 200mph barrier was taken in Daytona Beach on March 29th, 1927, but the sport had already evolved into purpose-built machines not suitable for the road. Horsepower: 1,500 (You gotta love a hybrid with eight more cylinders and six times the power output of a Prius. Horsepower: 647 So, what do you think – have you made plans to trade in your family saloon yet?
Flat ground 0-60mph time is 2.7 seconds and in addition to customizable ride settings that include comfort, sport, track and even drift settings. Nobody needs a car that can go over 200 miles-per-hour.

Koenigsegg deserves a good deal of recognition in the car world, as they almost single-handedly created the hypercar category. Because of this, it’s unlikely either Hennessey or Bugatti will give the production car record or triple ton a challenge until at least late next year, possibly 2019. The 640hp jets you smoothly across the track at breakneck speeds and the available aero kit’s front splitter and massive rear wing (pictured) produce a spectacular 2,000lbs of downforce at 117mph. All told the Venom F5 is said to have a top speed of 301mph, but we don’t know a soul on Earth brave enough to push this street rocket to its limits, so we’ll take Hennessey’s word for it. In fact, a final production version hasn’t yet been built. In truth, this speed demon actually has closer to 758 foot-pounds of torque when calculated properly.

Fully upgraded with the Sport Chrono Package, it has a 0-60 time of just 2.8 seconds — fast enough to give you whiplash, even if you’re the one pushing down on the pedals — thanks to its twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder boxer engine. Even so, the car has recorded a top speed of an eye-watering 301 mph. Dwelling underneath the long curvature of the hood resides the 750hp, 48-valve, 446cid V-12 with four camshafts and a whole lotta badassery. Horsepower: 755 I'm just your average, run-of-the-mill muscle car guy, with a very soft spot for '30 five-window Fords.

The more I look at the Porsche, the more beautiful these machines get. Named after the world's fastest tornado , the Venom F5 is still unacknowledged by Guinness – though as it was only announced in November 2017, it's surely just a matter of time.
It’s still a very round car for my taste, but the headlights look more supercar and less out of place. From hypercars to muscle cars, luxury grand tourers to all-electric street rockets, ultra-expensive autos to budget ballistic missiles, you can literally drive each and every one of these off the lot. This is seemingly absurd, but when you drop big bankrolls on a supercar I suppose you can scrutinize a bit more. There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little harmless fantasy from time to time – and if you can afford such a vehicle, you can slap a stylish private number plate to any of these cars and take them for a Sunday afternoon spin in addition to zooming around the nearest racetrack. After all, the other figures can’t really be fudged — like a 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds. She may not have the finesse of some of these other rides, but you’re not paying a premium price for her, either. Our friendly staff are always willing to help.Our lines are open Monday - Saturday : 09:00am - 17:00pm If he actually deserved the car, he’d not have wrapped it in leopard print. Tesla says no more! Unofficially, this makes if the fastest street legal car in the world – though if you're looking to pick one up, expect to part with around £1.2m when the car is ready for sale. Top Speed: 205mph Torque: 1,300. That also means this ride does 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds and has plenty of off-the-line torque, courtesy of an all-wheel-drive system. © Copyright Are Media Pty Limited.

©2020 Hiconsumption LLC. The Senna is to McLaren what the GT is to Ford: a culmination of everything they’ve achieved in physical form. Responsible for some of the biggest leaps in the automotive world over the years, Ford has pulled out all the stops in the creation of their GT — and their dedication to its excellence is abundantly clear. Top Speed: 200mph On March 31st, 2008 it obliterated the 217mph standing record by 23mph and would hold the record for the better part of the next decade, solidifying its place in history as an iconic supercar. The record has been officially broken at least six confirmed times since then but the CCR is nonetheless one bad machine to have in your garage. The 1000hp Sunbeam that first broke 200mph was powered by two 1,376cid aircraft V-12s. Torque: 550. Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor covering the car industry and racing.

When a vehicle is travelling at those sorts of speeds, the forces are immense, and no one has built a tyre which can withstand it safely – certainly not treads which are street legal. You can always turn to Chevrolet and their magnificent ZR1 to split the difference. Built in conjunction with Shell and Pennzoil, this spectacular hypercar is truly the embodiment of American ingenuity. Jeep has released the first image of its all-new Jeep Wrangler ahead of its official launch later this month.

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