One concept car that has been launched a little while ago but I still find myself thinking about often, is the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. Inside the car there will be a virtual cockpit. Its Piloted Driving simulation will let you to be taken around a track by a virtual expert before you take over to experience the car and track while following the virtual ghost car. Maurizio Reggiani, the company’s director of R&D, continues the thought.

What this means is that supercapacitors are suitable for storing and releasing large chunks of power quickly but individually, supercapacitors have low voltages. Collaborating with MIT for our R&D department is an exceptional opportunity to do what Lamborghini has always been very good at: rewriting the rules on super sports cars.

Then there’s the waterslide windshield, which sweeps from the top of the car practically all the way down to the badge on the hood. And it’s this sort of thinking that pushes boundaries and revolutionises the auto industry. the post-apocalyptic sci-fi scene the Terzo Millennio looks like it belongs to. Even they don’t what it is yet). Dictating the requirements of the third millennium, the Terzo Millennio combines energy efficiency and innovative materials to forge a path in the electric super sports car segment, guaranteeing the purest driving experience. Clearly Lamborghini does not imagine speed bumps in the next millennium with the Terzo Millennio clearing the road by mere millimetres, its vast wheels are almost completely enveloped by the ‘arches’ and the heavily sculpted body appears more aerospace than automotive.

You see, Lamborghini is at a crossroads. To accommodate this new way of energy storage, materials used in the Terzo Millennio would have to change, too. “The car must have a wow factor… otherwise we have failed.”. The newest, most outrageous, “super extreme” idea from Lamborghini is a box. “The opportunities in terms of weight, aerodynamics and design are so huge that it is worth investigating for feasibility of further development,” it says, which could hint at a future flagship that might share DNA with the wild concept. But step one way or the other and you start to see aerodynamic holes in the body work that would make the Ford GT’s designers blush. For such cutting edge and innovative advances in critical technology, Lamborghini teamed with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is developing some of the energy storage and recovery systems for real world testing.

Slits of white lighting at the front create the implication that Lamborghini is thinking about going electric, even if it swears the possibility is still just that — a possibility. But the most outrageous ideas that Lamborghini has put in this box so far aren’t the ones that hit your eyeballs and drop your jaw. The outer appearance of the vehicle has always been for all of us something ahead of time. Despite what you might think, Lamborghini customers do like “tech” inside their cars, according to Reggiani, but not the kind that takes away the fun of driving, or — heaven forbid — the sound. A box full of wild ideas from Lamborghini and MIT.

They’re moving away from batteries and instead they’re exploring the feasibility of supercapacitors to equip the Terzo with. But the Terzo Millennio is more than just a beautiful (and for now, completely static) thought experiment that Lamborghini revealed in the cool Boston air on Monday. It’s also the name of the unique project in partnership with MIT that is bringing the concept car to life.

This Italian airport now has a Lamborghini, because Italy, Need to get to your terminal in a hurry?

It continuously conducts health monitoring on its carbon fibre structure to detect cracks. This Lamborghini Huracan has an insane number of kms on the odo. On the carbon fiber nanotube battery side, Lamborghini hopes to settle on materials in year one; year two will be about getting the structure to store and release energy; and year three will be about building this into a 3D geometry, which would hopefully dramatically increase the possible energy capacity of a car this size. Meanwhile, the car sits so low that the orange-tinted wheels look like they’d be spinning next to your eyeballs as you zoomed away from (or toward?) (Sorry.) Lambo’s designersclearly had a great deal of liberty when it came to penning the Terzo. “You don’t normally buy a sports car to have it driven by a computer,” says Alessandro Farmeschi, the COO for Lamborghini America. We are inspired by embracing what is impossible today to craft the realities of tomorrow: Lamborghini must always create the dreams of the next generation.— Chairman Stefano Domenicali, EmTech Conference As distant from a boring rectangle as is humanly possible. While the car is without doubt destined to remain in the concept world at least for the next few decades, its maker does see potential for some of its features to find their way into the production car world. The automotive world is going increasingly electric, or at the very least hybrid. “If you ask one of our customers, do you want to have a chauffeur? Quick Science Compare: If I remember my high school science right and understood wikipedia correctly, batteries have a higher energy density (they store more energy per unit mass) but supercapacitors have a higher power density (they can release energy more quickly). All electric Terzo Millennio hypercar could hint at next Lamborghini flagship supercar LAMBORGHINI, the Italian supercar builder known for creating some of the world’s most outrageous and memorable concepts, has wheeled out a new hyperbolic design study that offers a glimpse not just at a possible future road car, but into the next millennium. He admits the latter is likely, though he swears he won’t compromise on those beloved cylinders. The brand-new Performante was involved in a massive accident during the owner’s first drive. But again, Reggiani stresses, that doesn’t mean Lamborghini is going entirely electric, or even hybrid necessarily. “It will be a big task,” he says, “but we live for this.”, The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept is a lightning strike from the future.

One of my favourite things is concept cars. Automobili Lamborghini looks to the future with a visionary approach, carrying our core values to extremes.

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