Quoted capacity is 450 litres and, although a few bags did stray into the rear cabin and front footwell, we still managed to pack a week’s worth of luggage, a travel cot, a pushchair, a bounty of food and even some spare bedding. There are heated and cooled leather seats, sat-nav, cruise control and a comprehensive infotainment system.

The steering wheel looks great, and the rim isn’t too thick – as is often the case in some German rivals. So it’s a car that’s better to be driven in than to drive. Peeling back the sheet revealed our shiny new Atlantic Blue IS 300h, and Indy then guided us through many of the car’s features. Around town, the IS can potter about for a couple of miles in electric-only mode, resulting in near silent, emissions-free driving. There’s a hybrid version of every Lexus on sale; usually, it’s the best selling version in the range. Acceleration from 0-60 mph in a fraction over eight seconds may not be rocketing by contemporary standards, but it’s faster than the original Golf GTI. Now, how to get the keys back... Handover experience shows why Lexus dealers are the best. The petrol-electric system is pretty quiet most of the time, and while those 18-inch alloys mean the ride is on the firm side, it’s not uncomfortable. If you buy a Lexus, then that’s exactly what you can expect. Adding more unnecessary sportiness are the flappy paddles behind the steering wheel. Tactile attention to detail is superb. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 27, 2012. Lexus IS 300h long-term review: month 3. Around town, and with the electric motors being put to better use, that fuel economy figure increases to the mid-fifties. RepairPal does not score vehicles that do not meet statistical significance based on I was there with Nissan (rival brand alert, etc), previewing its ambitious new Le Mans project. Comfort. This metric is calculated by tracking millions of unique vehicles over multiple years to determine an average number of visits per year for each make and model.

The average annual repair cost for all luxury midsize cars is $739 per year. For my money (a purely hypothetical concept), the Lexus puts them all in the shade. Quite the expert control deck, it is, Lexus IS 300h long-term review month 2: the fuel economy crunch test. When I first got behind the wheel of the IS, this switch didn’t appear to do anything obvious. Can you? How do you turn them on, when should you use them, and what's the penalty for using them incorrectly? The average luxury midsize car visits a repair shop 0.6 times per year for repairs, not including basic maintenance like oil changes. When is Lexus going to introduce electric parking brakes? My experiment, I admit, was partly influenced by deadly diesel demonisation. The average number of times the vehicle is brought into the shop for unscheduled repairs and maintenance in a single year. The stereo was oddly cutting in and out for a while, which I put down to poor DAB coverage. It’s at odds with the saloon’s excellent ability as a relaxed and comfortable cruiser. 2020 motoring events: the car shows cancelled by coronavirus, Rising used car prices drive up UK inflation, 7 cars up for AUTOBEST Best Buy Car of Europe 2021 award, Petrol and diesel ban could be brought forward to 2030, New cars are spying on drivers’ music choices, The world’s fastest SUV will be a 200 mph Lister, “Alexa, find the nearest Seat dealer” – Amazon Alexa now available in Seats. Press the button: it bleeps. Car Reviews | Social | Lifestyle | Online Driving Magazine | #drive, In Car Reviews, Lexus by Neil LyndonJanuary 2, 2018. Neil Lyndon happily drives the Lexus IS 300h but wishes for one more thing. The foot-operating parking brake seems very 1980s when so many rivals have electric buttons. Unless you’re accelerating hard and have the engine sound synthesiser turned up to 11, there’s almost total serenity in the cabin. Trouble is, diesels emit higher levels of some other pollutants, including NOx. The switch from all-electric to hybrid drive is seamless, too, with no jerks from the drivetrain. I like to take things gentle in cars for the first few miles, even though most say you don’t need to run modern cars in any more. If you want to know about reliability I hope the The Consumers Association (which.co.uk) doesn't mind me quoting a couple of sentences from their report on IS reliability: Quote The Lexus IS saloon gets five out of five stars for both 0-3 and 3-8-year reliability. The real advantage with a hybrid is the chance to really notch things up in situations where you may not be able to with a diesel – namely, in town. As I dropped the delivery driver off at the train station, it was a comprehensive thumbs-up for my first drive. Judging by Lexus’ superb performance in the Driver Power  2014 satisfaction survey, owners don’t find that a particular problem. I proved them wrong. Plus, you don’t need the engine noise ringing around to remind you that you’re travelling fast. On a motorway cruise, the IS turned out to be fairly economical, if not mind-blowingly so. Our Lexus IS 300h compact exec is so easy to drive, our man thinks his baby son could manage it, Mileage: 3,120 miles Real world fuel economy: 47.2mpg. The change does dull throttle response, but once you’re used to it, Eco mode offers around a five per cent improvement over Normal. And this wasn’t some sort of teeth-pulling economy drive, either. But will its limited range deter EV buyers?

No need for the default bleep when you stick it in reverse, then – so long as you don’t forget you previously turned it off, that is. The first motorway trip had me worried: it was low-40s mpg. Some believe a Toyota Prius will deliver 60mpg day in and day out, even if it’s driven at 90mph inches from the rear bumper of a BMW 320d (a surprising number are). In the most recent Auto Express Driver Power satisfaction survey, owners voted the IS the best car to own in the UK out of 201 car models surveyed.

This features a DAB radio, Bluetooth and a WiFi connection, while the Mark Levinson sound system sounds great. Could driving on hay fever tablets get you banned? How could they send this car out in such a state? Motorists who take hay fever remedies could risk prosecution when they get behind the wheel.

That’s it. Does it retain some Maranello magic? But when we visited Lexus Edgware Road for our ‘official’ handover, the sales exec explained it was the Active Sound Control switch, which pipes artificial engine noise into the cabin when in Sport mode. It seemed as if it couldn’t find the right gear, was flaring revs and bogging down, seemed notably less perfect and ideal than the Lexus’ one-gear, constantly-varying gearbox. That price struck me, genuinely, as a bargain. Quite fitting transport, given how high tech the racers are: the same hybrid branding that’s on the IS 300h’s door sills was boldly displayed on Toyota’s World Championship-winning WEC LMP1 racers. In the most recent Auto Express Driver Power satisfaction survey, owners voted the IS the best car to own in the UK out of 201 car models surveyed. The IS takes inspiration from the stunning LFA supercar – a wide pair of central air vents sit above the centre console which is steeply raked towards the wide transmission tunnel. The handsome exterior hides a cabin that looks, and feels, like it could easily cost more than £50,000. It also demonstrated how quiet the hybrid system is, even when the engine is running. I sometimes don’t even realise I need a subtle refresh of cold air until it delivers it, and it’s the most set and forget system I’ve had on a long-termer. Use the search function and you should find plenty of information regarding reliability issues on the IS220d 1 Quote; Share this post. The slidey heater temperature controls are a bit fiddly, but so lovely-looking and different, I’ll forgive them. The average total annual cost for unscheduled repairs and maintenance across all model years of a vehicle. Me and the Lexus get on fine. Since then, however, it’s improving…, Firm seats felt a bit too firm at first. I’m thus now a custodian of one for six months. Lexus’s claim of an overall average of 60+ mpg was almost 50% higher than the 40+ mpg I was achieving, but perhaps they conducted their test without having the Drive Mode Select switch permanently set to Sport. Lexus has long had a reputation for faultless reliability and strong aftersales service, and the IS looks to be no different. Unlike Peter’s Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, nobody stops me in the street to ask how I’m getting on with my Lexus. He started writing about cars and motorbikes for The Sunday Times in the 1980s and was Motoring Correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph for 20 years, having previously written a column on motorbikes for Esquire. This threshold is higher for premium and luxury brands, which have higher labor rates and parts costs.

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