I can’t say. If you and a friend make separate orders that total more than $30, let me know, it’ll be okay. There are things I want to While Simon and The First Third, two books with queer elements written by seemingly straight authors, were rarely scrutinised by Australian gatekeepers, my coming out inspired a lot of hand-wringing about how appropriate my school talks and books were for their target audience.

It prompted a conversation about what we, as readers, feel we have a right to know about an author who appears to write outside their lived experiences. His absence didn’t just inspire my drive, it inspired my output.

It didn’t. fit into each of their lives … and maybe, how they can each fit into each

Coming out isn’t risk-free. When I met her as a young’un, despite being the only person in Australia who hadn’t read Looking For Alibrandi, I was ready to kiss the ring, tell her what a formative novel it had been. Catholic school – all of which added to his paranoia, and wish not to come out I had to run speeches past principals, teach workshops under strict supervision (as in, the teachers outnumbered the students). Did this all really happen? It’s not that he’s dead. That’s what he led with. That's how Billy's grandmother explains it, anyway. politics right now, and how it’s overwhelmingly children and teenagers being Submissions for new pieces (up to 1000 words) will close the Thursday before our meeting. House number.

But it’s also a way for Miles to candidly discuss his

Ryan refers to himself, with little ego, This piece was first performed at Mudgee Readers’ Festival (‘Queerstories’) on August 17, 2019, alongside original pieces by Cadance Bell, Faith Chaza, Benjamin Law, Maeve Marsden and Hajer. I remember my then-editor Clair Hume, congratulating me for getting it off my chest before suggesting I cut the scene. He wasn’t aware, but every time his mother was sick, my mum found out, and she snuck us into the hospital to visit her. Street name. I … The grandmother? They lived different lives, had different interests and kept different secrets.

I didn’t need to do it in fiction. My truth was hidden in plain sight. I see him wherever I go. I basically split myself in half – straight version of me deals with most of the family stuff, and my queerness is contained within a separate sidekick character. pop-culture portrayals and societal expectations. Sign in / Join; English; Help; Big news!

grants him certain leeway, which his mother (as Head of the English Will Kostakis, award-winning author of The First Third, perfectly depicts the pain and pleasure of this teenage world, piecing together three points of view with intricate splendour.. not to get close to anyone for fear of rejection, but with Zac’s death comes A painfully funny yet poignant contemporary Australian story for young adults, The First Third is the witty sophomore novel from Will Kostakis, sure to appeal to fans of Nick Earls and Melina Marchetta. Writing Lucas scared the living shit out of me, but it was freeing. There is only one person in the world who deserves that satisfaction. 'Peta Lyre's Rating Normal' by Anna Whateley, Please do not copy any of these articles/reviews to any website/print publication/social networking site without my express permission • For permission requests, contact me: daniellebinks@gmail.com • Thank-you, Rev.

Monuments was a page-turning adventure in direct opposition to The Sidekicks‘ heavy stillness. He was inescapable. After getting glimpses at who she is over the years, I say we should all want to be like Melina Marchetta.

We resolved everything. A painfully funny yet poignant contemporary Australian story for young adults, The First Third is the witty sophomore novel from Will Kostakis, sure to appeal to fans of Nick Earls and Melina Marchetta. My mother’s father was the one who waited outside newsagencies before they opened to buy me fresh lined paper as a kid, but my father was the reason I was sending manuscripts to publishers before my thirteenth birthday.

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And I didn’t have an answer. other’s lives as they embark on this new normal, without the glue that held Straight authors are capable of – I know this might seem shocking – writing about us with care. lost. In my newbie gods I had the perfect vehicle through which to explore that evolution, so I ditched my plan to incorporate the father more prominently (sorry, not at all sorry), and tested that mother-son relationship that I established in the first book. This year, her adult books were a comfort and an inspiration to me during the lockdown, and her latest, What Zola Did on Monday, is such a treat for beginner readers. I didn’t flinch. clever is how Kostakis breaks them down to normality and humanity – takes them

contemporary YA books in which male characters are actually allowed to show

The Rebel. on pushing away – one of whom is his friend, a girl named Jacs, who has her own

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