Trenae,Another very good post! In this text of a little girl. The omission of a letter or syllable at the beginning of a word.

I get my most wanted eBook. Through the girl’s dialogue, Mayhew also shows how the girl does not know how it feels to be a child: “We plays, too, at ‘kiss-in-the-ring.’ I knows a good many games, but I don’t play at ’em, ‘cos going out with creases tires me” She spends all her energy to make money, and she does not feel sad that she does not have a childhood, because she simply does not know what it means to be a child and have a childhood.
Mayhew’s watercress girl is like a documentary, he didn’t use any beautiful word, the He did not use any complicated rhetoric to describe the girl, but instead described the whole process of his dialogue with the girl. Mayhew describes the watercress seller as ‘in thoughts and manner, a woman’ and this tells us that, because … apocope I agree that the Watercress Girl is a demonstration of the differences in social class. He wanted to approach the girl’s heart tentatively from the beginning. Y7 KS3 Paper 2 Mark Scheme V13_4. Although I am usually one to point a finger at class, elitism, and unequal access to education, I am a little reluctant to brush aside the Mayhew’s transliteration of the girl’s speech as simply a characteristic of her class. No, it wasn’t heavy – it was only two months old”.

Furthermore, the girl’s entire story is written entirely in her own words with no description of her save for the very beginning. In describing her appearance, the author uses a range of adjectives, where he goes on to say that her shawl is “threadbare”, her gown is “thin” and she had “long rusty hair”. so many fake sites. I refer everyone to the title page of the pdf! I agree, this was an emotional piece to read. Omitting one of two vowels which occur together at the end of one word and the beginning of another. Even though the watercress girl did have access, she was puled out soon after her mother found out she was beaten. Y7 KS3 Paper 2 QP Living Dolls and Watercress Girl V13_4. This technique also creates a sense of dialogue within the text in which the voice of the “interviewer” remains unknown. All of her lessons were on the job. The girl often brings up subjects with the purpose of disclaiming them in order to undermine whatever she had previously said. If it were someone in the upper class, they would not only not be in that situation, but they would be well educated and there would also be more emphasis on their name as opposed to being identified by their job. Themes One of the main themes is poverty Other Vocabulary Meaning Appreciation Setting Characters London Farrindgon-Market Clerkenwell Henry Mayhew Watercress girl Money Story Watercress girl 8 years old Has two sisters and one brother Poverty Historical Context Author 19th If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. Mark Scheme. The watercress girl’s dialogue is distinguished by a tendency to disclaim unasked questions, which unintentionally garners more sympathy for this eight-year-old girl.

Question Paper. The “Watercress Girl” is Mayhew’s interaction with an eight-year old girl who sells watercress bundles on the London streets and defies the accepted, expected, and assumed vision of a young girl. The point about narrative perspective is excellent, Veronica–is there, regardless, an agenda? Henry Mayhew – Watercress Girl p508-511 This was a very emotional passage that I’m sure captured the attention and concern of all who read it.

It was simple but true to the heart. The author uses the words “cruelly pathetic”, which evoke to us a feeling of empathy towards this little girl and makes us think why her life is so viciously unfair.
This tool helps bring her to life and make the reading more engaging. This is a hard piece to read. Through the watercress girl, the author represents the poverty in London that was forcing children to become a part of the work force way before they should experience that. Gerard Manley Hopkins—I Wake and Feel the Fell of ... Gerard Manley Hopkins—Spring and Fall p776. No; people never pities me in the street”. Y7 KS3 Paper 1 Mark Scheme V13_4. We have made it easy for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging. I explained this a bit in one of my answers to the Wuthering Heights questions.

It is told through the perspective of a narrator listening to this girl, and we feel like the narrator. You can also see her lack of education through her manner of speaking and the type of household she was raised in through her not being very articulate. What sorts of textual techniques does Mayhew use to represent the watercress girl’s language on the page? With this we have a better understanding of the character itself.

good, Rafael–the omission of letters has lots of rhetorical names, depending on where in the word they are left off:

And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with The Watercress Girls . Wonderful insight about the child’s rhetorical moves!

Mark Scheme. William Butler Yeats—A Prayer for My Daughter p1123, Thomas Hardy—On the Departure Platform p1075. This makes it more personal for the readers.

The two texts give very different views of childhood. Good job with this post! Virginia Woolf--The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A R... Samuel Taylor Coleridge Frost At Midnight (p343-345). In “Watercress Girl”, Mayhew textually distinguishes the little girl’s speech with rhetoric that almost seems like apophasis. padlet drive. Dialogue gives us such a window into characters — where they are from, their education level, and their introverted or extroverted personality. In “The Watercress Girl,” Henry Mayhew uses the character’s language and tone in order to illustrate in a more vivid way how life was during the Victorian Era for poor children. more_vert. I loved your interpretations and insightful comments. writing words on the page the same way the watercress girl would have pronounced them. aphaeresis Her story as a young girl who works is paralleled with an image of a girl who is worked to death at a dressmaker’s. Before that, I had to take care of a baby for my aunt.

That is a good observation of how she speaks. Besides the fact that we don’t know the girl’s name we have an image of her and even some feeling towards this child, pity, admiration, etc. What Mayhew captures the most is how this girl has lost her childhood from growing up in those conditions. I don’t know the name of the technique but Mayhew is eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version.

Mayhew’s account develops a strong voice for the “watercress girl.” As Rafael pointed out, he uses non-standard pronunciation and grammar to represent her speech, which really emphasizes the class differences between her and the people likely to be reading his account, especially when juxtaposed with his own financial analysis interjection at the end of the account.

For example, she says, “On and off, I’ve been very near a twelvemonth in the streets.

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