The measuring tools associated with timber are used to measure lengths and angles. Read about our approach to external linking. Similar tools are used in many cultures, but the shapes vary and some are pulled rather than pushed. Timber is a popular material to use in school Design and Technology lessons as it is generally not too expensive and it can be, pencil - the most popular, can go blunt with use and needs to be kept sharp, marking knife - produces a fine crisp line that can be cut to, will produce many lines on timber before it needs to be sharpened again, ruler - for measuring shorter lengths, widths and thicknesses, tape measure - for measuring long distances, particularly in the building trade, try square - for marking out angles that are 90 degrees to an edge, mitre square - for marking out angles that are 45 degrees to an edge, sliding bevel - to mark an angle that you set to an edge, marking gauge - to scratch a line that is parallel to an edge, mortise gauge - to scratch a set of parallel lines to an edge, rip saw - for ‘ripping’ through and rough cutting thicker planks and boards, tenon saw - for cutting straight lines with accuracy, coping saws, jig saws and scroll saws - all for cutting thinner pieces of timber and they can cope with curves too, twist drills - used to simply drill a hole of a fixed diameter into a piece of timber, countersink bits - used to profile a hole so that the top of a screw can sit flush with a surface, - used to remove timber, usually up to a cut or between two cuts, eg in the production of wooden joints such as dovetails, - used to smooth the edge of a piece of timber by running a sharp blade in the direction of the grain, or can be used at an angle to produce a chamfered edge, - used to achieve a profiled shape or smooth surface finish by removing fine particles, normally the final stage in shaping the timber and done by hand or with a machine (belt, disc or orbital), Home Economics: Food and Nutrition (CCEA). This list includes tools you likely don’t own if you’re not already timber framing. There are many different tools for marking out timber: The measuring tools associated with timber are used to measure lengths and angles.

It is important to choose a material fit for purpose. Sign in, choose your GCSE subjects and see content that's tailored for you. Chisels (12) Slicks (9) Flarens (6) Draw Knives (7) Adzes and Axes (4) Gouges (3) Wooden Mallets (3) Sharpening Power Tools. The most common tools are: There are a great many saws used to cut timber - some suit long straight cuts on thicker planks, and others suit curves and complex shapes: Timber can also be drilled by using a variety of different drill bits, which work by twisting into a piece of timber: As well as marking, cutting and drilling, there are other skills to develop to shape timber: Our team of exam survivors will get you started and keep you going.

Tools used in traditional timber framing date back thousands of years.
Chain Mortisers (7) Chain Slotters (5) Cutting Chains & Parts (10) Beamsaws (5) Wood Bandsaws (6) Stone Saws (1) Planers (5) Notchers (1) Routers and Accessories (16) Power Brush (3) Hand Forged Tools.

Timber is a popular material to use in school Design and Technology lessons as it is generally not too expensive and it can be marked out, cut and shaped with ease. I’m not going to bother with stuff that should hopefully be obvious here, like a tape measure, pencils, etc.
Materials are chosen based on many factors including their working properties, aesthetics, environmental impact, function, manufacturing processes available etc.

I also don’t include stuff like rigging equipment and the like — this is strictly a list of necessary items for layout and cutting wood.

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