With Tim Daly, Steven Weber, Crystal Bernard, David Schramm. He most recently appeared with Alec Baldwin in the Hollywood satire The Last Shot as a gruff small-time mobster with a love for movies and as the voice of Luigi in the Pixar film Cars. In addition, he won the Golden Globe in 2003 and an SAG Award in 2004 and 2005. Shalhoub was to return in December 2006 to Off-Broadway at Second Stage Theatre with (Everybody Loves Raymond star) Patricia Heaton for a run of The Scene by Theresa Rebeck. He then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in drama from the University of Southern Maine in Portland, and earned a master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama in 1980.

Antonio Meanwhile, when Roy's blind date exceeds all his low expectations, all he can do is try and figure out what's wrong with her. Shalhoub's skills as an actor, most clearly evident in his role of Adrian Monk in the eponymous hit series, are on display in this entertaining episode which, besides the usual young-lovers fare, includes an entertaining subplot involving the middle-aged Roy on a blind date. For Helen, it's Pontorelli's, where they first ate.

Technical Specs, [to Helen who is coming towards him menacingly], [after Joe's Anxiety attack, Antonio walks in Joe's office to make sure he's alright. Arab-American filmmakers submitted screenplays, with the chosen winner flown to Hollywood to have their screenplay produced.

Shalhoub’s brother Michael has appeared on two episodes of Monk, and his sister Susan Shalhoub Larkin appeared in another (Mr. Monk and the Genius). Rebeck’s black comedy takes a look at the NYC entertainment scene with Shalhoub starring as Charlie, a has-been actor who is married to Heaton's character Stella, a very successful producer of a morning television show. Helen

In the air on Valentine's Day, Brian and a passenger fall madly in love with each other.

Shalhoub went on to star in his massive series “Monk” (2002-2009) and continued landing roles in series like “We Are Men” (2013) and “Nurse Jackie” (2015). To participate in the production, two runners-up are also invited. CareerShortly thereafter, he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he spent four seasons with the American Repertory Theatre before heading to New York City, where he found work waiting tables while honing his craft and auditioning. : Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places This season two Valentine's Day episode revolves around romantic missteps and misunderstandings between Helen and Joe, as the episode's title suggests.Speaking of looking in all the wrong places, for those looking for Tony Shalhoub's appearances on Wings during seasons one and two, this is it -- his only appearance, despite being featured on the front cover of the boxed DVD set.

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